KBM is your law firm in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg och Stockholm

KBM is an independent law firm with a purposeful strategy built on quality and professionalism

KBM is your partner in matters of commercial law. We stand at your side with advice on labour law, commercial contract law, dispute resolution and other issues on which you as a business need to rely on someone who understands the law and its ramifications.

KBM is an independent law firm who safeguard your interests, offering expert counsel and support at times of conflict. We are just as invested in your business whether it be small or large. We make every effort to establish personal contacts so that you never need doubt that our loyalties lie with you, or that we will always maintain the strictest confidence.

KBM have a sound view of finance. We know that you as a business must judge price against results and therefore we ensure that you are always clear on the costs you can expect when you hire us. If we do not share your opinion on an issue, we will also be honest and clear about that.

KBM Advokatbyrå i Malmö och Stockholm. Klas Johansson.

Welcome to KBM – to quality, professionalism and security in business.

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