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KBM can help and support you throughout the business process. In collaboration with us you can make better deals and effortlessly avoid those problems and issues that can claim so much of both your time and your energy.

   Labour Law

Labour law regulates the relationship between employer and employee. In Sweden labour law is to a large degree based on collective bargaining and is in a constant state of flux as new agreements are reached between the labour market’s various parties. KBM collaborates with Arbetsrättsjouren Sverige AB, an organisation providing online labour law advice via a website and blog. Read more »

   Commercial contracts

Commercial contracts are rooted in civil law and thereby intertwined with large areas of jurisprudence. Contracts involve the reciprocal rights and obligations between the parties. Even if verbal contracts are just as binding as written ones, it is always safer and more secure to document a contract’s origin, application and interpretation in writing.
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   Mergers and acquisitions

KBM assists both Swedish and international companies with all types of mergers and acquisitions. This may take the form of mergers, takeovers, due diligence or restructuring. We have a comprehensive Swedish and international network and are therefore able to work to extremely tight deadlines.

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In business, anything can happen. There is always a risk that you will drawn into extended and expensive proceedings. Our advice is to seek legal help as quickly as possible and attempt to resolve disputes before the courts become involved. KBM always tries to identify creative solutions to intractable legal problems. Rather than see limitations we always attempt to make the best of a difficult situation by proposing well-thought-out solutions. Read more »

   White collar crimes

Cases of financial crime are usually crimes related to business activities, they include several different types of crime, for example false accounting, fraud, tax evasion, misappropriation and fraudulent bankruptcy. These crimes are generally uncovered by investigations by the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket), which has a far-reaching obligation to report suspected crimes to the public prosecutor. Read more »

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